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About Us
Pillars of our Success

What we have created is a boutique investment company specialising in the renewable energy space, infrastructure and equipment sector. A dynamic company with a charismatic and focused business mentality, we pride ourselves on providing a combination of affordability, personality, and dedication to an ever-changing and innovative field.

At AIF, we understand that the foundation of our success is our clients. Huge believers in the ‘start up’ mentality, we make sure to never lose touch with the drive and compassion it takes to start a company. We find that this down-to-earth approach allows us to really get to know our clients, and tailor their financial solutions to best suit them.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to hearing from you.


Steven Grant

Co-Founder & Business
Development Executive[email protected]

Michael Couper

Co-Founder & Director
Chief Financial Officer[email protected]

Jessica Heron

Office Manager /
Customer Care


Jackson Wood

Senior Account Manager
(Solar Finance)[email protected]

Jessica Heron

Office Manager/
Customer Care

[email protected]

Sam Noonan

Business Development Manager -Large Scale Investment
[email protected]

Luke Bishop
Business Development Manager – Large Scale Investment

[email protected]